Pictures and Coats of Arms

  William Nuttall Mary Langhorn

William and Mary Langhorn Nuttall

These pictures were commissioned by Leonard John Nuttall Sr., son of William and Mary, around the early 1880s. They were painted by Brother Wigglands of Salt Lake City, Utah. Later they were donated by Clara (Nuttall) Giles, granddaughter and daughter of Leonard John Sr., to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are currently displayed in that museum.


The Rockaway

This is a sketch of the ship called Rockaway. The William and Mary Nuttall family crossed the sea from Liverpool, England to New Orleans on this ship in 1852. They transported machinery for a sugar beet factory on the Rockaway.

Picture is courtesy of Sonne, C. B. (1987). Ships, Saints and Mariners. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, (p. 170-171).

  St. Mary's Parish in Lancaster

Saint Mary's Parish, Lancaster, England

Post card of St. Mary's published by J. Arthur Dixon, photogravure (collected 1970).

  Mary Langhorn in later years

Mary Langhorn

Mary Langhorn in her later years. Copies of original photograph acquired from the records of Clara Giles, granddaughter.

  The brothers Nuttall

The Brothers Nuttall

The three sons of William and Mary Langhorn Nuttall. Left to right: William Ephraim, Leonard John and Joseph Nuttall. Original photographs from the records of Clara Giles, daughter of Leonard John Nuttall, Sr. Copies arranged for by Mavis Moore Smith.

  Utah Territorial Militia

The Utah Territorial Militia

Leonard John Nuttall wrote of belonging to the Territorial Militia. Picture obtained from Clara Giles, daughter of Leonard John Nuttall, Sr. Front row: James E. Daniels, Leonard John Nuttall (Capt.) and S.S. Jones. Back row: Peter Stubbs and Joseph Nuttall. (See history of Leonard John Nuttall.)

  Leonard John Sr. and Elizabeth Clarkson family

Leonard John Nuttall, Sr. Family

Picture obtained from the records of Clara C. (Nuttall) Giles, daughter. Standing: Thomas C., Mary C., Joseph William. Seated (left to right): George Albert, Elizabeth Ann, Wilford C., Leonard John, Sr. (head of household), Clara C., Elizabeth Clarkson (wife), Leonard John, Jr., Eleanor. C.

  Coat of arms, version 1 Coat of arms, version 2

Nuttall Coats of Arms

Various histories of the Nuttall surname indicate a family crest that originates anciently of Nothogh and latter Tottington in Lancashire, England. The crest includes a shacklebolt along with a chained and collared sable.

Specifications for Nuttall coat of arms

Origin Nuttall Hall, anciently Nothogh, within the Chase of Holcome, Lancashire, England. Also Tottington Hall, Lancashire, England.
Arms Argent, a shacklebolt sable.
Crest A talbot statant argent, chained and collared sable.
Motto Serva jugam (Keep the yoke)

"The Nuttall family was found in the county of Lancashire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated as Lords of the Manor of The Chase of Holcome and estates in that shire. By the 13th century the had branched to Nuttall Hall and Warmsley, and Tottington Hall, all in the same county. They intermarried with the Formbys of formby and later branched to Kempsey House in Worcestershire. They flourished on their estates for several centuries."

The first coat and this short history copyright (c) 1998 by Swyrich Corporation.

The second coat from heraldry expert and researcher, David Humphreys, of Wales: