William and Mary Langhorn Nuttall Family History Research

The histories and pedigrees available on this site have been researched and documented by Mavis Moore Smith. All files have been submitted to the Pedigree Reference File (PRF). A GEDCOM may be obtained from http://www.familysearch.org (see PRF #1419582-1121101093822 disk 17) or downloaded from the history table at this site. Also, link into this research at http://www.onegreatfamily.com and look up William Nuttall group ID #48711.

Current research

Current research efforts are being directed at identifying every Nuttall family living in the northwestern part of Lancaster including the town of Lancaster around the early to mid 18th century. We hope that this strategy will help us discover Nuttall roots that derive possibly from the Bury area.

Some effort is now bearing fruit in the line of John Nuttall of Warton. Church records and diaries we have identifed John as a brother of Richard Nuttall. It is our suspicion that there may be other siblings of Richard and John living in the Lancaster area. We will be searching each parish in the Lancaster area and following all Nuttall-family lines to prove other relationships. We are aware that some of John Nuttall's descendants immigrated to Australia and hope to support genealogical efforts to trace their history.

Are you currently involved in research on William & Mary?

If so, please contact us at nuttall@windofkeltia.com. Let's coordinate our research efforts so that everyone moves forward with the greatest amount of information.

Are you related to us?

Please let us know how you are related by visiting our guestbook and signing in. At some point, we would like to set up a sort of cousins' e-mail where those related can coordinate their efforts by contribution or by us hosting links to other web sites. So far, the response has not been overwhelming. Remember, for reasons of privacy we cannot place any information on this site that is more recent than 100 years old without written permission from those concerned. For now, the only forum for this is our guestbook, but we hope to create a separate forum specifically for this kind of work.

We are anxious to contact any relations and make sure they have information about their ancestry. Please contact us with any questions, additional information, or suggestions.

Other contributions

We appreciate the many contributions that have helped further William & Mary Nuttall research. Contributions have been used to further research by acquiring documentation verifying births, marriages and deaths, using microforms, hiring genealogical assistance, and in maintaining this web site, purchasing software, etc.

Additional references

A big thanks to Audrey Barrett and her Nuttall Web Page for inspiring us. Visit this link today at http://freespace.virgin.net/audrey.barrett/nuttall. Audrey's assistance and connections with others doing research has been invaluable to us!

Thanks also to http://www.windofkeltia.com for hosting these pages and to Adam Jerome and family for use of the IP address making this all possible.

Other Links

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